Maximum innovation through cooperation

NEXAT has not been developed on its own, but in close cooperation with leading agricultural machinery manufacturers and research institutes, among others. Due to its innovative, systemic approach, NEXAT offers the opportunity to combine the strengths of agricultural engineering developments. Thanks to the modular design of the system and the universal interface between the carrier vehicle and the implement, further built-in devices can be developed for the system in cooperation with agricultural machinery manufacturers in the future.

The carrier vehicle

The NEXAT wide-span carrier vehicle forms the basis of the system. The NEXAT drives with electric single-wheel drive and has all-wheel steering. The generators for the electric drive are currently powered by two 550 hp diesel engines. The carrier vehicle carries out all processing steps, from soil cultivation to harvesting, with the appropriate implements.


Developed entirely in-house by NEXAT, the NEXCO harvesting module opens up completely new dimensions in harvesting technology, making the NEXAT in combination with the NEXCO threshing module the most efficient and powerful combine harvester on the market. Discover now how punctually, economically and reliably you can harvest your next crop with the NEXCO.

Sowing and Cultivation

The Seedhopper tank system is the basic module for the NEXAT. It is the interface for all implements for soil cultivation and sowing. Also discover all the elements for soil cultivation and sowing.

Crop Protection

Plant protection is an important part of arable farming to ensure high yields and optimum quality. Explore the crop protection modules for the NEXAT system.


The slurry module for spreading organic fertilizer completes the NEXAT crop production system. This module provides an uncompromising solution for both spreading close to the ground and the effective incorporation of organic fertilizer.