Crop Protection

Plant protection is an important part of arable farming to ensure high yields and optimum quality. Explore the crop protection modules for the NEXAT system.

Crop Protection Powered by Dammann

For spreading liquid fertilizer or applying plant protection products. With its enormous working widths and capacity, the crop protection module for the NEXAT offers powerful application technology with absolute precision. For the healthiest and most sustainable plant production.

  • ISOBUS interface
  • precise application at consistently high speeds
  • working width of 135 ft / 185 ft / 225 ft (42 m / 56 m / 70 m)
  • tank size of 4,750–5,800 gal (18,000 – 22,000 l)
  • ground clearance of 78 in (2 m)

Section Control

Allows for precise control of each injector

Rate Control

Perfect application rate adjusted to the crop

Curve Control

Consistent application rates in both inner and outer curve