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Video: NEXAT revolution – The system

Video: NEXAT revolution – Controlled Traffic Farming
Video: NEXAT revolution – New levels of profitability
Video: NEXAT revolution – Resource protection

Video: NEXAT revolution – Regenerative farming

Video: NEXAT revolution – Product film

Video: The All-New Revolutionary 1100-HP Tractor | Harvesting in the Ukraine (landtechnikvideos de)
Video: The new and revolutionary 1100 hp tractor | arable Ukraine + factory + first use in Germany |part 2 (landtechnikvideos de)
Video: NEXAT revolution – One machine for tillage and harvest
Video: NEXAT revolution – A High-tech system vehicle

Video: The new and revolutionary 1100 hp tractor | Test Drive in Germany | Updates 2022-23 | Part 3 (landtechnikvideos de)

Video: NEXAT revolution – About us

Press releases

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December 2021
NEXAT wins gold medal at the DLG Innovation Award 2022

NEXAT in the press

April 2022 | SAT.1 Regional
Osnabrücker Firma will Ackerbau mit innovativer Technik verbessern

March 2022 | Profi-Magazin
Profis im Chat: Thema „NEXAT“

February 2022 | Profi-Magazin
NEXAT GmbH: Die Brücke in die Zukunft?
February 2022 | VDI Nachrichten
Systemtraktor tritt gegen klassische Landmaschinen an
February 2022 | Eilbote
Ackerbau von morgen mit All-in-One

February 2022 | NDR
Video: Hightech auf dem Acker – Neue Traktorsysteme für mehr Erträge