NEXAT – New levels of profitability

For agriculture, it’s not just about sustainability alone. New perspectives are also needed for profitability in order to be able to ensure the future viability of crop production. NEXAT provides convincing answers in all areas.

Since as far back as the 1980s, there have been numerous attempts to practice controlled traffic farming using bridging vehicles known as wide span or gantry vehicles. Due to their lack of technical potential and limitation to individual tasks and/or crops, these optimistic attempts never really took off in the real world, even commercially. Until now!

Objectively speaking, NEXAT is the world’s first company to reach market maturity with the wide span concept thanks to its use of the latest technical capabilities. From an economic standpoint, it marks the arrival of a new era for farm profitability. NEXAT’s pivotal, revolutionary approach calls the diverse range of pre-existing conventional farm machinery into question for the first time. NEXAT is neither an extension nor an optimisation. It is a modular, turnkey solution that can take on any farming process as part of a complete farming system. It will reduce every single manufacturing, maintenance, operation, staffing and energy cost factor in an unprecedented manner.

Video: NEXAT – New levels of profitability

NEXAT is consistently aligned with the goals and challenges of today’s farmers, for example that of increasing their productivity per hectare and capita, and improving their farm’s profitability as a result. NEXAT also helps farmers to take significant strides towards more future-orientated, climate-neutral farming practices by managing valuable resources more sustainably and responsibly.

  • Earnings potential: > 10 – 30 % increased
  • Energy consumption: > 30 % reduced
  • Costs/Technique: > 20 % saved
  • Profit increase: > 50 % possible

The NEXAT system has been test-driven on some extremely challenging farms over several years, and has already proven itself up to the task. NEXAT represents the ultimate in flexibility. Whether you farm using conventional, minimum-till or no-till with direct seeding methods, NEXAT offers the best and most profitable solution for all farms. It’s good for farming, good for farmers, and good for the environment!

NEXAT – Next Generation Agriculture Technology!