Developed entirely in-house by NEXAT, the NEXCO harvesting module opens new dimensions in harvesting technology. The NEXAT in combination with the NEXCO harvesting module is the most efficient and powerful combine on the market. The NEXCO enables every harvest to be on time, reliable and economically viable.

  • efficient flow of material
  • cutter bar width of 50 ft (15 m)
  • enormous throughput 1,785 – 3,000 bu/ac (120-200 t/h)
  • reduced losses and minimized share of broken grains
  • 900 bu (32 m3) grain tank
  • straw is evenly distributed over the complete working width
  • Swath deposit possible
  • unloading rate of 18.50 bu/sec (650 l/sec)
  • unloading in < 1 min

Innovative Threshing Concept

With the revolutionary Dual Tangential Axial Flow threshing concept, the crop is divided into two even crop flows transverse to the direction of driving. This guarantees the highest throughput.

  • 3,400 in2 (2,2 m²)
  • 2 cleaning areas
  • 7,500in2 (4,8 m²) separating area
  • 118 ft2 (11 m²) separating area

Headers: Geringhoff: Draper & Corn header / GTS: Draper & Corn header / Franco Fabril: Sunflower header / MacDon: Draper header