The carrier vehicle

The NEXAT wide-span carrier vehicle forms the basis of the system. The NEXAT drives with electric single-wheel drive and has all-wheel steering. The generators for the electric drive are currently powered by two 550 hp diesel engines. The carrier vehicle carries out all processing steps, from soil cultivation to harvesting, with the appropriate implements.

The focus is on a powerful wide-span swap body vehicle that carries out tillage, sowing, crop protection, organic fertilization and harvesting with attached modules from well-known cooperation partners. The supported elements ensure optimum weight distribution and enable high-precision guidance of the modules. The NEXAT system runs in the Widespan CTF. The tracks, which always remain the same and are piled up, are planned once for this purpose. Thanks to the single-wheel drive and the absence of additional axles, the bulldozing effect is also avoided and at the same time the driving force is maximized. From sowing to harvesting – NEXAT turns every implement into a self-propelled implement.

The revolutionary switch of driving direction bet- ween field and road travel allows the full potential of 45 ft (14 m) working width in Widespan CTF while enabling compact road travel.

  • 2 engines with each 550 hp
  • Cabine rotatable by 270 degrees
  • Diesel-electric drive
  • All-wheel steering
  • Single-wheel drive
  • Chassis is hydraulically adjustable
  • 45 ft (14 m) working width
  • autonomous driving
  • tool-free interchangeable implements
  • standardized interfaces (ISOBUS)
  • 360° camera monitoring